It's easy to share rides with Carzac:

Carzac turns those potential stops into offers to drive that riders can see.

Select a few meeting points near your home and work.

Tell us what days and times you tend to go.

Add a nice photo of your car.

That's it!  We'll tell you when someone requests a ride.

How does Carzac work?

Select places on your commute where you're happy to stop.

Riders book a seat with one tap. Drivers can agree or decline for any reason.

Carzac includes a powerful 

real-time communication 

system to make meeting for rides seamless.

We're giving carpoolers a tool comparable to the commercial rideshare services.

One tap and the driver's ETA is broadcast to riders.

Driver's phone automatically notifies riders on arrival.

Built-in, single tap messaging covers most carpool scenarios. 

When you really need to talk, Carzac includes anonymized calling between drivers and passengers.

Cashless Payment

Carzac rides are very inexpensive. Riders chip in on gas and driving expenses, just 20ยข per mile.  Drivers get 90%.

A ride from Oakland to San Francisco is around $2.

For a 30-mile commute, like Walnut Creek to San Francisco, drivers receive $5.40 per passenger.  Carry two passengers round-trip, twice a week, and collect $173 a month. Do it everyday and get $432 a month. 

Carzac is carpooling made easy. It's perfectly legal and compatible with most consumer-grade auto insurance.*

Use the carpool lane, go green and get your "gas money" paid! 

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*Carzac is not a TNC.  These rides are not a "for-hire" use of your vehicle. Carzac should be covered by regular consumer auto insurance but check with your carrier to confirm. See our Terms of Service for more information.