Select the places on your commute where you're happy to stop.

Carzac turns those potential stops into offers that riders can see.

Select a few meeting points near your home and work.

Tell us what days and times you tend to go.

Add a nice photo of your car.

That's it!  We'll tell you when someone requests a ride.

It's easy to share rides with Carzac:

Riders request a ride with one tap. Drivers can agree or decline for any reason.

How does Carzac work?

Cashless Payment

Carzac rides are inexpensive. Riders chip in on gas and driving expenses: 20¢ per mile.  Drivers get 90%, 18¢ per mile per passenger.

It adds up: for a 30-mile commute, drivers receive $5.40 per passenger.  Carry two passengers round trip, twice a week and collect $173 a month. Do it everyday and get $432 a month. 

Carzac is carpooling made easy. It's perfectly legal and compatible with most consumer-grade auto insurance.*

Use the carpool lane, go green and get your "gas money" paid! 

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*Carzac is not a TNC.  These rides are not a "for-hire" use of your vehicle. Carzac should be covered by regular consumer auto insurance but check with your carrier to confirm. See our Terms of Service for more information.